Redefine Physical Therapy

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Platform


VRPhysio for Clinics

With our PC based virtual-reality consoles, body tracking sensors and patented software, you will deliver a unique and immersive exercise experience to your patients that is both fun and intuitive.

Our hardware and software, designed by physical therapists just like you, is easy to install and comes with full support.

The initial VRP release includes a variety of neck & cervical-spine exercises suitable for physical rehabilitation treatment.

FDA Class II Device, 510(k) exemption


Immersive Exercises

Your patients will be able to select from an array of fun games designed specifically to encourage movement and functional activities

① Select a Game
② Wear Headset
③ Press Play

Real time feedback changes the in-game experience of patients encouraging them to effectively accomplish their training goals.

Precise spatial head and body tracking algorithms closely monitor changes in kinematic properties of your patient's training.


Meaningful Analytics

Access detailed summary reports for each training session via our cloud service, from anywhere and on any device.

Training session data is recorded at extreme resolution, allowing for precise measurement extraction and the generation of valuable clinical data - movement accuracy, amplitude and progression over multiple sessions.

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